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K/Dimbani School

Concordia Project

Concordia, Latin for “working together”, describes what the Lions Clubs of Minehead & District and Dar es Salaam are doing with the Friends of the K/Dimbani School, southern Zanzibar.

The purpose of the project is to offer ongoing financial assistance to the school in 2 main areas :

Infrastructure – this includes new school buildings, teacher accommodation, a modern communication system and general school equipment including computers. The Friends are focusing on this aspect of the project

Health & Sanitation – this includes toilets, good water supply and health support by way of Health Camps. Both Lions Clubs are focusing on this aspect.

The Concordia Project was started in 2007 by the Friends of K/D School. The Lions Club of Dar es Salaam became quickly involved and monitored the project in Zanzibar on behalf of the Friends. All donations are sent via the Dar Lions to ensure accountability. The Minehead & District Lions joined soon after and initially supported the Friends with donations. They are now in the process of twinning with the Dar es Salaam Lions and will focus on the health aspect.

Progress to date :

2007 – 2010

The Friends have provided teacher accommodation,  communication by way of broadband, laptop and digital camera and supplied a new roof for the admin block.

The Minehead & District Lions have provided financial support for the above and in addition have supplied a new well for the school.

The Dar es Salaam Lions have provided admin support for the project by way of inspection and monitoring as well as supplying school equipment such as a telephone/scanning/printing machine. They have also provided a Health Camp in 2010 which treated 651 people – it covered dental work, eye inspections and free spectacles and blood pressure and diabetes checks.

Lion Steve Fitzgerald, member of the Friends of K/Dimbani School

Lion President Clive Cooper presents cheque for School

Club President, Clive Cooper, presenting a cheque for £1,500 to Steve Fitzgerald, to be passed on the K/Dimbani school through the Friends organisation.

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