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Charity number: 800779

International connections

As the largest international service organisation, the Lions Clubs around the world are in an ideal position to be able to help out in times of need or in areas lacking the basic facilities that we all take for granted. We can channel funds through the Lions Clubs International organisation directly to a Lions Club anywhere in the world.

In times of emergency (Tsunami, earthquake, flood etc.) funds arrive from all over the world to be used by Clubs local to the problem. Lions Clubs International also has funds it can draw on directly and send to disaster areas.

This system means that we bypass any chance of money being siphoned off by authorities or officials.

We have used this facility to build Water Wells in Africa, send money to help in various disasters and, most recently, support the K/Dimbani School in Zanzibar. One of our members, Steve Fitzgerald, has close links with this school and has visited it on several occasions.

Lions Clubs International also directly supports various International programs. Click on the links on the left to find out more.

Plaque on the well mentioning Minehead Lions Club Inauguration of 'our' Water Well in Nigeria